Travel information

Options to travel from SCHIPHOL airport to the A-Train Hotel:

1.     We can arrange a taxi to pick you up from the Airport, price €39,- to €45,-. Send us a request by fax or email in which you mention that you want to be picked up by a taxi and your arrival time + flight number. The taxi driver will then wait for you at the meeting point in the main hall, with a sign “A-Train Hotel”.

2.     For the  Schiphol Airport shuttle service to the A-Train Hotel use the following

3.     At Schiphol Airport in the main hall is an underground Railway Station. From there regular trains run to Amsterdam Central Station.


How to reach the hotel, from the “Central (railway) Station”:

Leave the station from exit “WEST” and turn right, walk for 50 meters, past the TAXI stand, turn left and go over the bridge. Across the road, the 6th building on the right is the A-Train Hotel. 


How to reach the A-Train Hotel by car:

Take the Highway(s): A1(E231), A2(E36), A4(E19) or the A8(E22)

till you have reached the A10 “RING” around Amsterdam.

Follow the “RING” A10, clockwise or anti-clockwise, until you reach

EXIT S103 or S114. Take one of these exits and follow the signs

CENTRUM/CENTRAAL STATION, after a while you will see signs


Park your car in this (expensive) parking, if you walk out of the parking the

A-Train Hotel is on the other side of the street. 



P+R(=Park+Ride) for only €6,- per 24 hours,  LINK:  WWW.BEREIKBAAR.AMSTERDAM.NL

Go to the English site and then to the P+R icon.


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